Fulfilling ambitions - with great staff and use of technology

Central & Eastern European business have their say how to do it in 2017.

44% *

Better Economy

*44% believe the economic situation in the country will improve in 2017.

39% *

Education. Science. Innovation.

*Education, science and innovation should be the top priority in governments' to-do lists, according to 39% of respondents

75% *

Keeping good staff.

*Retaining good employees is a key focus area, highlighted by 75% of business leaders.

62% *

Headcount up.

*62% of CEE respondents say they plan to increase headcount in the following 3 years. During the next 12 months the same will be done by 40%.

59% *

Disruptive technologies.

*On average in CEE, 59% of respondents are using disruptive technologies.

45% *

Regulatory risks.

*In CEE, respondents are most concerned with regulatory (45%) and operational (37%) risks. Surprisingly, only 12% feel worried about cyber security risks.